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Farms come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your farm operations involve livestock, orchards, horses, grain, llamas, or tobacco we can provide Farm Insurance customized to suit your needs. Our farm policies can combine personal, farm, business property and liability coverage into a single policy – simplifying your life and your insurance protection.

Standard coverages available under a farm policy include property damage coverage and liability coverage.

Property damage coverage protects your farmhouse, outbuildings or household belongings if they are damaged or destroyed by the unexpected consequences of a fire, hail storm or tornado.

Liability coverage pays for damages if you unintentionally cause injury to another person, or if you unintentionally cause another person’s property to be damaged or destroyed.

Farm machinery, crops, livestock– can all be insured in a number of different ways. In order to determine what the appropriate insurance coverage is, you should meet with one of our agents at Crilly Insurance and discuss the specifics of your farm operation in depth to find the right coverage for you.

The type of insurance you should purchase will depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • the type of farm you have;
  • the type of business you operate (growing crops, livestock, agri-tourism);
  • whether you have employees working on the farm;
  • any outbuildings you may have; and
  • the type of equipment you have .

We offer the following products and coverages: