Pet Insurance Protects Family Members in a Big Way

Now more than ever, pets are a big part of our lives.  When they get sick, wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about how much that vet bill is going to cost? Enter Pet Insurance.

We offer a choice of several different  types of pet insurance policies. You choose how much you want to spend. You choose how much Pet Insurance coverage you need.   Crilly Insurance will help you select the coverage that’s right for you.

Crilly Insurance sells Nationwide Pet Insurance
Nationwide. Pet Insurance offers a number of different types of options.

Our four legged friends are members of the family. Dogs, cats, and other creatures we love are  great stress reducers.  In some parts of the country, animal shelters have seen their pool of adoptive applicants increase by as much as  ten-fold. Whether you are adopting a puppy from a breeder or a kitten from a shelter, a good time to purchase pet insurance is when you first bring your new companion  home.

An Insurance Company You Can Trust

At the Crilly Insurance Agency we offer Nationwide Pet Insurance, currently the number one pet insurance carrier in the USA.  You’ll be able to choose your veterinarian, and the wonderful thing about Pet Insurance is that you’ll be able to choose a treatment plan if your pet gets sick that is not based on cost but will be predicated on what the doctor recommends!

As long as your pet is enrolled before the age of 10 there is no age limit. Please do note you must keep your policy continuously in force and pre-existing conditions diagnosed prior to purchasing insurance are not covered. That is why it is a good idea to enroll your pet in an insurance program as soon as they are adopted.

Purchase pet insurance as soon as you adopt your kitten.
Purchase Pet Insurance at the time you adopt your new four legged friend.

What type of Pet Insurance Plan?

So what type of Pet Insurance plan is right for you? Nationwide offers three different plans: Pet Wellness, Major Medical, and Whole Pet with Wellness. All three plans are reimbursement plans. You visit the veterinary office, pay your bill, send a copy of the insurance claim form and doctor’s invoice to Nationwide and they will mail you a check.

A Pet Wellness Plan pays for routine check-ups and vaccines. A Major Medical Plan pays for the treatment of accidents and diseases such as an eye infection, poisoning or kidney disease. They even cover acupuncture and laser therapy.  A Whole Pet with Wellness Plan covers both routine check-ups, vaccines, illnesses, chronic conditions, and accidents. For specific details and costs, give us a call or contact us for a quote.

Cats and Dogs are not the only pets eligible for Pet Insurance. There are plans to cove birds, reptiles, rabbits, Guinea pigs and more. Just ask and we’ll be happy to help.